THE NORTH FACE Japan launch Odor free socks

Odor free Socks with Polygiene Permanent Odor Control in 2017 Spring-Summer Collection for THE NORTH FACE Japan

From Spring 2017, Goldwin’s THE NORTH FACE has launched five new sock products treated with Polygiene technology. These Polygiene-treated socks have been developed to cut odor and inhibit the growth of bateria on the fabric to provide consumers with a strong odor- and bacteria controlled product. Over 30% of THE NORTH FACE 2017SS collection socks are Polygiene-treated, and there are plans to continue to develop this in the future.

Sweat and perspiration is by itself odorless, but moisture and temperature increases bacteria on the fabric surface and this produces odor. Polygiene is based on silver salt produced from recycled silver and the silver salt inhibits and guards against the growth of odors from microbes such as bacteria, and this permanent treatment is not affected by washing the garment, so keeps providing the odor-control results.

These newly launched products are being launched for purchase on the Goldwin Web Store   as well as Japan nationwide THE NORTH FACE retail outlets and department stores from spring 2017.


Launched in 1966 in San Francisco, California. Since then it has established itself as one of the most trusted outdoor brands in the world, constantly pushing the technological envelope to new frontiers. Its signature lineups include high-end sleeping bags made with an abundance of high-quality goose down; Sierra Parkas, the origin of all down parkas; and Oval Intention, the world’s first dome tent. Each of these is a testament to its relentless pursuit of high quality and performance. Goldwin holds the trademark rights for THE NORTH FACE in Japan and The Republic of Korea, and has a strategic partnership with THE NORTH FACE Inc. (US) to develop the brand’s business in these countries.

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