Tom Pitman barely washed his socks for a month!

Tom Pitman took our #PolygieneSockMarathon challenge after visiting our booth at Outdoor 2016 in Friedrichschafen. Been given a pair of Hilly-socks, he was well prepared to take our challenge, going out for adventures, skipping washing the socks and then tagging us on our Instagram (@polygiene_ab) and using the hashtag #PolygieneSockMarathon. The #PolygieneSockMarathon is an ongoing hashtag, so make sure to join the challenge skipping washes enjoying  your favorite activities instead!

Tom was out and about for a month doing different activities, wearing one pair of Hilly-socks skipping as many washes as he could. For his excellent efforts, he was rewarded with a Patagonia trail-running kit- which he will take out to several adventures through-out 2017.

Follow him on Instagram here: @emeraldaardvark
We have an interview with Tom that we will share with you soon. Now let’s get to know Tom Pitman!

“I am a huge advocate of wearing garments for as long as possible before washing them, Polygiene’s odor control is incredible at enabling this. Our environmental responsibility is more pertinent than ever, therefore I believe it is the little things that can overall make a big difference.”

Tom Pitman, dec 2016


Where do you live and what are your favorite places in the world?
I am from Yorkshire, but I now live in Northumberland in the of north east England, which is one of the least populated areas of the country. Difficult to answer, but (some of) my favorite places in the world are the Himalayas for their sheer immensity, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the beautiful, varying landscapes of New Zealand.

What is your Occupation/Favorite interests?
I work for the Environment Agency as a Project Manager throughout the northeast. My interests include mountain walking, trail running, photography, cooking/food and travel.

Do you have any favorite Sports?
I enjoy alpine sports mostly, but also more domestic/traditional sports such as fell running.

What is your favorite Culture and Music?
When I can’t be outside, I love watching travel and sports documentaries, which include the climbing film ’Meru, the travel film 180° South & the Salomon ’Running TV’ Series filmed by the African Attachment. Regarding music, I have a very eclectic taste, ranging from folk music to house!