Polygiene VeriMaster™
– the science of brand protection

Every year, trillions of dollars’ worth of global sales are lost through counterfeiting and fake goods. Not only does this damage businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, but counterfeit goods can potentially put consumers at risk.

Polygiene VeriMaster™ is a scientifically proven way to provide an infallible and unique ‘signature’ to almost any product that can be instantly checked and verified.

What is Polygiene VeriMaster™?

Polygiene VeriMaster™ is an additive that can be supplied in masterbatch, liquid or powder form. A unique signature can be identified by a Polygiene VeriMaster™ detector and is not replicated or detectable via any other method.

Unique to your brand

Polygiene VeriMaster™ additives can be applied singly or in up to 100 different combinations to make them unique to your brand.

Polygiene VeriMaster™ can be added to a wide range of products

Polygiene VeriMaster™ comes in masterbatch, liquid or powder form and can be added to all polymers, paper, textiles, and coatings. It’s added at the production stage, becoming an integral part of every item in that batch.

Lasts for the lifetime of the product

Polygiene VeriMaster™ additives last for the lifetime of the product. It is invisible to the naked eye and can only be identified by a unique Polygiene VeriMaster™ proprietary detection unit. Once a product has built-in Polygiene VeriMaster™ additive technology, it cannot be removed, giving instant and irrefutable verification of its authenticity for the product’s life.

A huge range of applications

The primary application is to ensure brand security by identifying authentic products through a unique additive signature. This protects your goods and can help to instantly identify counterfeit or faked versions. Polygiene VeriMaster™ authentication can be used as a powerful and effective marketing tool, providing your customers with the peace of mind that they are buying a genuine product and not a fake.

It can also help to ensure that external suppliers use the correct manufacturing specifications and allow you to validate the manufacturing process at the source.

Finally, it can help to validate age-specific products that may be under a limited guarantee or warranty. The unique signature of the Polygiene VeriMaster™ additive can be tied to an individual batch run, providing you with unquestionable evidence of the date of manufacture.

The product is the security tool

By including Polygiene VeriMaster™ additives into your product, you are effectively turning the product into its own security tool. Identification is instant and cannot be replicated by any other method. The signature additive can only be identified by a Polygiene VeriMaster™ detector, again eliminating the possibility of fraudulent claims for fake products.

Low dosage level

A little goes a long way when it comes to Polygiene VeriMaster™. A single additive in very small amounts can still be detected.

Up to 100 different combinations of additives are possible, allowing you to create your own unique signature Polygiene VeriMaster™ security additive and even change it for different batches or product runs.

Methods of detection

Polygiene VeriMaster™ additives can be detected in three different ways:

Electronic detection – a signal triggers a sound or light response on the detector or can be connected directly to a computer for rapid detection of multiple items.

Visual detection – although naked to the human eye, a visual system can be used that allows instant detection using a calibrated device

Laboratory testing – in-house laboratory testing can be carried out for more precise detection of individual components in multiple-additive signatures.

In all three methods, the absence of Polygiene VeriMaster™ additives indicates that a product is fraudulent, has been incorrectly manufactured by external producers, or is fake