Polygiene VeriMaster™ technology explained by Jason “The Germ Guy” Tetro
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The technology


Protecting your brand and ensuring that your customers have the reassurance that they’re buying the real thing is a major concern for every business. Fake products can not only be harmful to the end user, but they can also destroy your reputation instantly.

Polygiene VeriMaster™ gives you brand protection and the ability to detect fake products immediately. Safe, non-toxic, and designed to provide you with total peace of mind, VeriMaster is next-generation security for your brand.

Polygiene VeriMaster™ in actionIn action


Brand protection with Polygiene VeriMaster™


Brand protection with Polygiene VeriMaster™


Brand protection with Polygiene VeriMaster™

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Brand protection with Polygiene VeriMaster™

Benefits of Polygiene VerimasterTM


Anti-Counterfeit technology

Polygiene VeriMaster™ is used to ensure your product isn’t faked, and it can be applied to more specific processes, such as validating guarantees. A signature additive can be applied to a date-specific batch run, giving you an instant way of identifying when a product was made and preventing fraudulent claims on guarantees or warranties.

It can also provide a simple and instant way of checking that external suppliers have used your exact manufacturing specifications. Most importantly, Polygiene VeriMaster™ provides instant and irrefutable proof of authenticity on branded consumer goods, protecting your brand reputation and your profit margin.

  • Impossible to fake

    Because the detection devices are only activated by Polygiene VeriMaster™ additives, it’s almost impossible to fake the results.

  • Less is more

    Highly effective even in very small amounts, so you can protect your brand with less.

  • Lasts the lifetime of the product

    Locked into the item’s structure at the base level, Polygiene VeriMaster™ works for the product’s lifetime.

  • Easy to detect

    An easy-to-use detection unit makes it simple to check whether your product carries Polygiene VeriMaster™.

Products with Polygiene VeriMaster™Products

Nappy Disposal Bin

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Twist & Click Starter Set

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5.000 mAh antimicrobial powerbank

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Water-based coating

Dulux Trade

Sterishield Diamond Matt paint

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Wireless speaker

XD Collection

3W antimicrobial wireless speaker

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Antimicrobial cable

XD Collection

6-in-1 antimicrobial cable

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The science

24/7 Security for Total Peace Of Mind

With Polygiene VeriMaster™ integrated into your product or your packaging, you’ve got built-in security that’s always on guard. Identification is instant, so it’s easy to check the veracity of your product. And it’s indelible, so you can’t fake the results – this versatile and highly effective additive can only be identified by a Polygiene VeriMaster™ detector. 

No. VeriMaster is unlike any other counterfeit prevention technique, including holograms. Polygiene VeriMaster™ is a unique additive that can only be detected by a specified VeriMaster detection unit.

A Polygiene VeriMaster™ sensor will be capable of detecting your signature additive or additive combination from the first to the last item of any production run and at any point in the product’s lifetime.

There are three different ways of identifying the additives:

Visually – a simple visual system that allows on-the-spot identification using a calibrated detector

Electronically – a practical solution that initiates a visual or audio signal or that can be connected to a computer

Lab testing – individual additive combinations can be tested in-house quickly and easily


Sports & Outdoor View partner
“The Verimaster Technology enables greater brand protection for Sherrin. They have peace of mind in knowing all of their products can be identified quickly and easily should any disputes arise about the authenticity of their footballs. Sherrin are leading their competitors by ensuring greater supply chain management and better traceability with the help of Verimaster.”
Andrew Luke Technical Director, Packer Leather
Other View partner
“At Xindao we value the reliability of materials and product compliance so choosing Biomaster with Verimaster tracer was the perfect solution for our products. We are happy to ensure our clients with safe products for which we can also prove the origin and compliance of the material.”
Antti Boeschoten Product manager, Xindao

Give your products built-in superpowers

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Intelligent product protection built-in

Polygiene VeriMaster™ is available in masterbatch, powder and liquid form and can be applied to a wide range of products, including all polymer, paper and card, textiles, and coatings. It is incredibly versatile and applicable to a variety of industries. And because it’s low-cost, it’s ideal for short or limited runs or batches as well as larger production processes. A single Polygiene VeriMaster™ additive will provide you with immediate and easily detectable verification that a product is genuine, giving you brand protection that you can trust.

How does it work?

During the manufacturing process, Polygiene VeriMaster™ technology incorporates additives into the product. These are effectively invisible until they are positively identified by a Polygiene VeriMaster™ detection unit. They verify that the product being scanned is authentic and not fake.

If the sensor identifies VeriMaster additives are present in a product, it authenticates that product as genuine. If it fails to identify or find any Polygiene VeriMaster™ particles, it confirms that the product is either fake or has been tampered with.

Detectors can be programmed to identify a single Polygiene VeriMaster™ additive, or for extra protection, you can create a customised combination that’s unique to your product. With up to 100 different combinations available, it’s easy to make a ‘marker’ at the base level that gives your authentic product a unique brand security signature.