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If you stop micro-organisms multiplying on fabric, you stop odor in its tracks. You can also reduce the growth of potentially harmful microbes. Polygiene ViralOff™ is a textile treatment that leaves no place for microbes to hide, keeping clothing and textiles fresher and protected for longer.

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The science

A natural solution to reduce microbes

Polygiene ViralOff™ is a revolutionary treatment for textiles and materials that effectively reduces 99.99% of micro-organisms. Using silver chloride, a naturally occurring element in nature, it creates a barrier that prevents microbes from multiplying. It gets to work within two hours of application and continues to work for as long as it remains on the surface of the textile. Fully tested and authenticated by international ISO standards, it’s safe to use against the skin in a wide range of applications. Here are just a few of the different ways that our partners have applied Polygiene ViralOff™ to their products.

The active ingredient is silver chloride, that occurs naturally in nature.

Polygiene ViralOff™ can be used on almost any type of textile, including wearable products such as scrubs, fashion garments, gloves and facemasks. It can also be applied to other products such as bed linen, furniture and even handheld devices.

Yes. Polygiene ViralOff™ will not interfere with the body’s natural microbial flora. It will only work on microbes present in the material or fabric that it is applied to.

Polygiene ViralOff™ starts to work in just two hours and is durable and long-lasting.

We do not make any health claims at all for Polygiene ViralOff™. The product is only used for the protection of a treated product to prevent the growth of microbes and potentially harmful bacteria in that product.

Benefits of Polygiene Viraloff

Kills off microbes fast

Polygiene ViralOff™ utilises an active ingredient that demonstrates a real antimicrobial effect on textiles that stands up to repeat testing. It’s been proven to reduce tested viruses, including SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19), Influenza A, bird flu, and Norovirus. In all tests, Polygiene ViralOff™ achieved reduction rates of 99.99%. The application of Polygiene ViralOff™ works within just two hours, in accordance with international standard ISO18184:2019.

The formula is so effective that it is not only used in the fashion industry by leading brands but also in the healthcare industry. It can be used in almost any wearable product, including hospital and healthcare scrubs, gloves and facemasks. However, applications for Polygiene ViralOff™ don’t stop at wearables. It can be added to other textiles including furniture, bedsheets, and even handheld devices. Please note that this does not constitute a healthcare claim. Polygiene ViralOff™ is purely for the protection of a treated product.

  • Protects textiles against microbes

    Polygiene Viraloff reduces microbes on textiles by up to 99.9%.

  • Durable and long lasting

    A durable, always-on treatment that continues to work for as long as it remains on the surface of the fabric.

  • Wear more. Wash less

    For the best performance and sustainability, wash only when needed. This prolongs the life of the textile too.

  • Can be used next-to-the-skin

    Polygiene ViralOff™ is suitable for use next to the skin and will not affect the skin’s natural bacterial flora.

Polygiene ViralOff™ in actionIn action


Product protection with Polygiene ViralOff™


Product protection with Polygiene ViralOff™


Product protection with Polygiene ViralOff™


Product protection with Polygiene ViralOff™


Product protection with Polygiene ViralOff™


Product protection with Polygiene ViralOff™


Product protection with Polygiene ViralOff™

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“We chose Polygiene because we want to work with the best partners and technologies from the EU. Polygiene ViralOff gives our product the final touch to be different from our competitors.”
Petr Liesner Founder of Är®
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“When we learned about Polygiene ViralOff, we knew it would be the perfect solution for the soft covers and foam used on our throwable wireless microphones. The treatment means anybody can continue to use Catchbox with complete peace of mind and focus on sharing what matters with their colleagues and classmates.”
Mikelis Studers CEO and Co-founder, Catchbox

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Note that regulations in the USA and China are different to those in the EU and elsewhere. To ensure your product meets all current requirements, we will help and advise on compliance, depending on where you are selling your product.