Smart marketing program for increased sales


We also provide you with a number of sales tools to support you in reaching your sales goals:

Online and irl co-marketing setup to drive traffic to your retail, campaigns spread on social media with co-brand, ed message linking to the brands own e-stores.

PR, activities, events, as well as POS material for retail, brand sites and online retail. Digital materials to support, and deepen your story. This could be films, illustrations, tech texts for your website and e-store, among many other tools.

Digital tools for educating your retail – educational films that retail personnel can watch on their phone when it suits them.

A global pool of experience and partnership – our experience comes from many years of cooperation with global brands, in different segments and markets, which we are happy to share.

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Japanese brand The Shop TK, video, and retail campaign. Dakine online marketing sales campaign
Facebook co-branding sales campaigns with Montane and Kathmandu
Flylow web-based marketing campaign with Polygiene