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Polygiene in Workwear


Freshness at work – all day, every day

With our powerful technology bacteria and microbes are stopped in their tracks so your workwear smells better and needs less washing, while wearables like PPE, helmets and oxygen masks are far more hygienic, protecting your staff and the people they work with.  

Polygiene BioMaster helps to reduce a risk of microbial and bacterial growth, while Polygiene Stay Fresh and Polygiene OdorCrunch – most often used together – keep garments fresher for longer, eliminating and absorbing odors.

And because Polygiene technology is incorporated during the manufacturing process, they keep on working for the lifetime of the product, delivering 24/7 product protection against odors, bacteria, and microbes – and decreasing the need for replacement, saving you money and making less impact on the planet.

Helmet is treated with Polygiene StayFresh™

Work jacket is treated with Polygiene StayFresh™

Boots are treated with Polygiene StayFresh™ and Polygiene OdorCrunch™

  • Reduce bacterial and microbial growth

    Polygiene BioMaster inhibits bacterial growth on hard surfaces, so microbes can’t spread.

  • Smell better for longer

    Polygiene StayFresh and Polygiene OdorCrunch prevent nasty odors, meaning workwear needs less washing, saving water, energy, and time.

  • Protection for the lifetime of the product

    Polygiene tech is built-in, providing ongoing protection and freshness for the lifetime of the product.

  • Safety compliant

    Polygiene additives have REACH compliance, the EU’s chemical products and manufacturing legislation, and meet all current safety standards.

Better hygiene built-inbuilt-in

We’re already in hundreds of workwear garments, from chefs’ jackets and hospital gowns to performance clothing and staff uniforms, increasing levels of freshness and eliminating odors. That means less frequent laundry for you (or your staff) leading to less water use and less need to replace – that saves you money and reduces your impact on the environment.


More hygienic uniforms with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology


Workwear polos with Polygiene StayFresh™ smell better for longer


HardCap AeroLite® with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology


More hygienic scrubs with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology


More durable workwear with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology

General Tactic

Better smelling law enforcement uniforms with Polygiene StayFresh™

The technology

We’re in your workplace to keep you safer

Polygiene technologies are added during the manufacturing process so they’re completely built-in and will last for the lifetime of the product – no need for reapplication. Delivering long-lasting protection and freshness, we’re leading the industry in its transformation from consumables to durables.
Standard anti-bacterial products are easily broken down and need reapplication, Polygiene additives are integrated into a product at the point of manufacture, so it keeps on working harder for longer.

Yes. Polygiene additives can be applied to most materials, including textiles and fabrics. For example, Polygiene StayFresh and Polygiene OdorCrunch can be added to workwear such as uniforms, base layers, or scrubs during the production process. Once applied, they stop odors such as sweat, cooking or environmental smells at the molecular level. This means the fabrics need to be washed less frequently, saving water, energy, and time.

Polygiene BioMaster inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria on hard surfaces – it doesn’t kill them. But it IS a powerful weapon to support your current cleaning regime, working against cross-contamination.

Because they deliver long-lasting protection against odors and inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes, Polygiene additives provide your product with a unique selling benefit that will appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Because workwear treated with Polygiene additives needs to be washed less frequently, it means that your products are more sustainable. We aim to help producers move from consumables to durables – longer-lasting products that require less maintenance.

Polygiene textile applications are accredited by bluesign®, which is awarded to companies that put sustainability and low-impact manufacturing processes at the heart of their operations. We also hold Oeko-Tex® Eco Passport accreditation for our commitment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing and supply chains.

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“At Tricorp, our goal is to be progressive, innovative and at the forefront of the workwear market while providing the best fitting workwear in a sustainable and safe manner. That is at the same time one of the reasons that Polygiene and Tricorp are such a good fit. With the technologies of Polygiene we are able to give our workwear an extra dimension: Less smell and a longer lifetime of the product.”
Haymo Strubel
Global Category Director
+49 1712 683 788

Mindful Living® built-in

Thousands of Workwear products across a range of industries are already embedded with Polygiene Technology, helping to create a more sustainable future – are you in?

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