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Key Panel Discussion with special guest ‘The Germ Guy’ – Jason Tetro: How to improve cabin interior hygiene – innovations with antimicrobial technology

You will learn the difference between viruses and bacteria, clarification what antimicrobial technology is, and how it can be used. Furthermore, the difference between a disinfectant and antimicrobial technology, also what it means – complimenting cleaning regimes and more!

Join Key Panel Discussion at 10:30 am on 16th June.

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Whether it’s the middle of a pandemic or not you might still wonder how clean your airplane really is. When most commercial planes hold between 150 and 350 passengers and schedules are usually tight, some parts of the plane are going to be dirtier than others.

In-between flights, planes are cleaned, removing rubbish and wiping over surfaces. But what can be done to offer more hygienic surfaces between clean?

Since 2000 we have been working to protect surfaces from microbial growth, the pandemic has highlighted the benefit for aircraft seats, tables and cabin, making the cabin more hygienic.

Biomaster antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of microbes by up to 99.99%

Polygiene’s Biomaster technology protects surfaces in aircraft between cleans 24/7 by reducing the microbial load and opportunities for cross-contamination for the useful lifetime of the aircraft interior products.

When microbes land on untreated surfaces they have the opportunity to grow, increasing the microbial load on the surface. However, the silver ions in a Biomaster antimicrobial surface will inhibit the growth of bacteria and increase the deactivation of viruses, resulting in a less contaminated surface that is more hygienic.

Learn more about Biomaster technology.

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We treat textiles and hard surfaces to provide a hygienic and more sustainable environment. In addition, we treat clothes, accessories, home products, and textiles to help people stay fresh, wash less, and let clothes and products live longer. Over 300 global premium brands have chosen to use the Polygiene brand with their products. With the wholly-owned subsidiary Addmaster, we can offer solutions for both soft and hard surfaces in aircraft.

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