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Hans Bergman | VP Commercial Operations Americas

Bobby Howell | Director Commercial Operations Americas

Kimberly Lawrence | Customer Experience Manager

Nick Brosnan | Global Marketing Manager


Key Panel Discussion with special guest ‘The Germ Guy’ – Jason Tetro: Sweat Without The Small Stuff For Sustainability

We know everyone sweats but what most people don’t know is that the odor that emanates over time is not due to us. Microbes, particularly bacteria, are responsible for those usually unpleasing volatiles. For our bodies, the answer is bathing. For our clothes, it’s laundering although that can increase energy use and contribute to faster disposal. This talk will guide you through the microscopic universe of clothing and odor generation and how controlling growth can improve sustainability through reduced odor production, laundering, and turnover.

Join Key Panel Discussion at 1:30-2:30 pm on 9th June.

Are You Smarter than the Germ Guy?

Jason Tetro, microbiologist, infection prevention expert and author will be joining Polygiene on his traveling roadshow, “Are You Smarter than The Germ Guy?” Come by the booth and test your knowledge about germs and outdoor equipment for a chance to win amazing prizes.

Live Q&A with Jason Tetro

Join Jason Tetro and Polygiene at our booth for an educational and fun discussion about germs in our lives and how we can use COMPLETE GEAR PROTECTION to help us enjoy the outdoors without worry.

Live Q&A with Jason Tetro June 10th at 11 am Polygiene Booth 49054-UL.

Complete Gear Protection with Polygiene

It’s our mission to change the way we view products, from fast consumables to durables!

We make sure garments, footwear, gear and textiles stay fresh for longer. It is not just a function or a technology… it is an added value!

Founded in 2006, the Swedish ingredient brand Polygiene® – a leader in Stays Fresh technologies ensures with its environmentally friendly technology that sports textiles and products do not smell. Thanks to our technology, textiles need to be washed less often. As an added benefit, clothing can be used for much longer, setting it apart from fast fashion products.

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Polygiene technologies to enhance the durability of your products

Polygiene’s Biomaster technology: protects surfaces 24/7 by reducing the microbial load for the useful lifetime of the products.

Polygiene BioStatic™: an antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria created from sweat, heat or humidity;

Polygiene OdorCrunch™: removes any environmental odors such as cooking fumes or cigarette smoke.


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Polygiene treats textiles and hard surfaces to provide a hygienic and more sustainable environment. In addition, we treat clothes, accessories, home products, and textiles to help people stay fresh, wash less, and let clothes and products live longer. Over 300 global premium brands have chosen to use the Polygiene brand with their products. With the wholly-owned subsidiary Addmaster, we can offer solutions for both soft and hard surfaces in aircraft.

For press inquiries contact Nick Brosnan at nick.brosnan@polygiene.com.

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