Polygiene’s Nick Brosnan Hits The Road To Connect With Our US Partners

One of the best things about working for Polygiene® has always been meeting our amazing, innovative brand partners to learn more about their stories, teams and development and production processes. Since the pandemic, these meetings have typically taken place digitally, with screen-to-screen interactions replacing face-to-face meets. While trade shows and fairs are a welcome exception to the rule and a great opportunity to have in-person conversations and discussions, I feel we still benefit from getting out there and visiting brand partners on their home turf.

Polygiene solutions across the United States

So, having recently returned to the States and relocated to South Carolina for the role of Marketing Manager Americas, I jumped at the opportunity to hit the road and travel to meet several of our US partners. From the glorious mountain vistas of Bozeman to the relentless energy of NYC, this whirlwind five-week tour encompassed the states of Oregon, Montana, and New York. It culminated with a European finale at the ISPO Munich trade show and Polygiene’s end-of-year summit in Malmö, Sweden.

Polygiene team at Ten Thousand headquarters

Along the way, I met with partners operating across diverse sectors, including sports and training, outdoor, workwear, healthcare, fashion, and shipping and packaging. As an industry-leading supplier of freshness technologies, we’re fortunate to work with a broad range of partners and best-in-class brands. We spent much of our time discussing how best to communicate the performance and environmental benefits of Polygiene solutions to consumers, how to train staff to facilitate this, and the finer details of upcoming product launches and social media campaigns. As providing customers with product support is central to what we do as a successful B2B organization, these discussions were extremely valuable.

Polygiene team at partner Sitka headquarters

Wear More, Wash Less, travel light

As a passionate proponent of Polygiene’s Wear More, Wash Less philosophy, my recent travel was an opportunity to put this approach into practice. I traveled light, with just a small selection of multi-purpose clothes treated with Polygiene solutions for that fresher-for-longer feel. 

Whether giving presentations, meeting a partner’s marketing department, or grabbing something to eat with a team leader, Polygiene protection ensured I was always prepared, comfortable and confident. My Polygiene-treated mini-wardrobe even enabled me to squeeze in some hiking and fly fishing while away.

A few highlights from Nick’s Polygiene-treated wardrobe:

An opportunity to deliver more for our partners

The five weeks on the road demonstrated the importance of meeting customers face-to-face and connecting personally. I came away with a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges our partners face, the opportunities they want to take advantage of, and what Polygiene can do to help achieve this. The lessons we take from this experience will inform how we move forward and support our partners in the future.

I would like to thank all the brand partners I met with during the five weeks and look forward to getting out there more this year and seeing what 2024 has in store for our fantastic brand partners.

Keep it FRESH!