Reimagining Employee Locker Storage – Zippsafe’s Game-Changing Space Saver

For more than seven years, Zippsafe has developed innovative locker solutions for companies willing to think differently about employee storage. A Swiss-based organization that identified an opportunity to shake up traditional locker design and deliver a space-efficient, user-friendly, hygienic, and digital textile-based alternative. It has gone from strength to strength, fostering a loyal customer base in industries as diverse as healthcare, hospitality, food, and manufacturing.

Zippsafe locker system

Having partnered with Polygiene and integrated our groundbreaking antimicrobial Freshness and Protection technologies into previous iterations of its ZippSpace locker system, the launch of the latest ZippSpace 3.0 locker system marks a new chapter in our collaboration. In this article, we examine the ZippSpace solution, its advantages, and how Polygiene technologies enhance its performance.

A locker design for forward-thinking and employee-friendly organizations 

Zippsafe revolutionized locker storage with its bag-based designs, providing businesses with a new, space-saving design that is a radical departure from – and a considerable improvement on – traditional lockers. By building lockers around flexible locker bags, Zippsafe has dramatically reduced the required locker room space without compromising the storage experience when handling personal belongings. 

Ideal for space-conscious organizations

This translates into significant savings. On average, traditional changing rooms occupy up to 10% of a property’s total floor space and are used for just eight minutes a day, which is highly inefficient. ZippSpace locker systems can reduce the overall space required up to a remarkable 70%. Combined with the user-friendly design and Polygiene protection, the space-saving is an undeniably attractive proposition for companies seeking to optimize their premises and provide first-class services for employees. 

Zippspace 3.0 – taking the locker system to new levels

The most recent iteration of the ZippSpace locker system – ZippSpace 3.0 – improves on previous iterations by including an array of new features and refining existing ones. Considerable time and resources have been invested in upgrading the integrated shoe compartments, the zipper handle, the hanger system, and the bench, resulting in a system that benefits both employees and the organization to a greater degree.

The product also incorporates Polygiene ViralOff™ and Addmaster Biomaster™ technologies, a first for Zippsafe products. While the ZippSpace locker system has historically utilized Polygiene ViralOff to protect the fabric bags, the new product introduces Addmaster BioMaster protection for all touchable hard surfaces. 

The ZippSpace locker system is feature-rich and carefully considered.

Understanding the benefits of Zippspace 3.0

The new ZippSpace locker system improves traditional locker designs in four core ways.

  1. Space-efficient storage

The system utilizes flexible and lockable fabric pockets rather than rigid material to reduce the space required by each locker compartment. By doing so, the system:

  • Reduces the space required by up to 70%
  • Increases the locker capacity by up to factor three
  • Centralizes and frees up locker rooms for alternative usage
  1. User-focused design

Each Zippsafe locker benefits from a user-centric design that allows an ergonomic operation and guarantees tidy stowage of personal belongings. The locker system includes the following components:

  • An integrated hanger system for clothes with a pocket for personal items
  • Extra compartments inside the locker bag enable users to separate workwear and street clothes 
  • A separate shoe compartment
  • A bench to make changing easier and more comfortable
Intelligent, user-centric design results in improved storage.
  1. Built-in hygiene protection

Hygiene was a critical consideration when Zippsafe designed its locker system. Developing a solution that employees appreciate and value requires a design that moves beyond basic storage to also encompass health, hygiene, and protection. As such, the locker system features:

  • Bags constructed from water-repellent Zippsafe Smartfabric with integrated antimicrobial protection from Polygiene ViralOff
  • Addmaster Biomaster antimicrobial protection on all touchable hard surfaces
  • A built-in ventilation system that improves airflow, minimizes humidity and reduces exponential bacterial growth
Efficient organization and hygiene go hand-in-hand.
  1. Digital management

While the Regular ZippSpace locker system utilizes three-digit padlocks for security, the Pro version is based on the advanced Zippsafe Management System (ZMS). The digital ZMS software allows organizations to:

  • Assign lockers to users with just a few clicks, removing the need for laborious and error-prone physical key management
  • Identify which lockers are in use, analyse usage data, and leverage predictive services
  • Simplify the cleaning process by ensuring administrators are notified when a bag is no longer in use
Locker system digital mechanism
Digital technology streamlines locker management. 

Polygiene technologies combine to excellent effect

Integrating Polygiene ViralOff and Addmaster Biomaster into ZippSpace 3.0 demonstrates the benefits of combining our textile-based and hard-surface technologies in a single product. Our technologies ensure the ZippSpace locker system stays hygienic despite daily usage by preventing the growth of potentially harmful microbes. We help to eliminate odors, resulting in a more pleasant user experience. 

Both solutions are integrated into the surfaces at the point of manufacture and provide protection for the materials’ entire lifespans. While Polygiene ViralOff reduces microbial loads by up to 99.99% and is proven effective against many viruses, including SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19), Influenza A, bird flu, and Norovirus, Addmaster Biomaster utilizes silver ion technology to disrupt microbial energy production, replication, and growth.

Mindful Living is present in every aspect of product design

The ZippSpace locker system embodies Polygiene’s belief in Mindful Living, highlighting how you can radically overhaul a product that has existed in the same form for generations through intelligent design and the application of new technologies. It shows that reexamining the world around us can result in new and exciting opportunities that benefit both users and businesses.

For this reason, the Polygiene team is proud to partner with Zippsafe, promote its innovative solutions, and play a role in ensuring it delivers industry-leading products for its customers.

To learn more about Zippsafe’s new product, head to the ZippSpace locker system site. You can also explore the benefits of Polygiene ViralOff and Addmaster Biomaster.