Smart Watch & Fitness Tracker Bands Harbour Bacteria – Silver is the Solution

Following recent research conducted by a team from the Florida Atlantic University (FAU), there has been considerable discussion about the extent to which rubber and plastic watch bands, like those found on the Smart Watches, harbor potentially harmful bacteria. This is particularly problematic for a device we rarely remove and wear during sweaty workouts, long runs, and other intense physical activity.

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The academic study found E.coli on 60% of bands and Staphylococcus on 85% of all watch wristbands. While the former causes gastrointestinal infections, the latter can result in skin infections, such as sores and boils. Cloth, rubber, and plastic bands were the worst offenders, with the study suggesting that the materials’ porous and static surfaces were attractive sites for bacteria and encouraged growth.

Silver and gold lead the way

While 95% of wristbands were contaminated with bacteria, gold and silver wristbands boasted far lower bacterial loads. This may be due to a combination of factors. First and foremost, silver and gold have natural antibacterial properties, as demonstrated by Polygiene’s own advanced silver ion technology. Second, the study suggests that material composition may affect bacteria’s ability to adhere and thrive on a surface.

The study generated several other fascinating insights. Bacterial loads rose significantly when the wristbands were worn during exercise or if the wearer regularly interacted with animals. This highlights the need for effective antimicrobial protection in these environments. Similarly, the researchers emphasized the importance of disinfecting plastic and rubber watch straps in hygiene-critical settings, such as hospitals, to minimize the likelihood of infection.

Polygiene silver ion technology is the solution

Polygiene uses silver ion technology in Polygiene StayFresh™ to provide powerful antibacterial protection. This solution can be integrated into various materials during manufacturing, including cloth, plastic, rubber, and leather. Alternatively, they can be applied as a coating. This would enable manufacturers to effectively protect watch wristbands from bacterial growth, mitigating the issues highlighted in the Florida Atlantic University study.

Silver ion technology is skin-safe, food-safe, and well-suited to lifestyle products like watches and wearables. It works by binding to the bacterial cell wall and disrupting growth, interfering with enzyme and energy production and interrupting the cell’s DNA and ability to replicate. In tests, it eliminates 99.99% of microbes on a surface.

Effective, long-lasting Polygiene protection

As we become increasingly aware of the dangers of bacteria and other potentially harmful microbes, the need for innovative and effective antimicrobials grows. Combined with regular cleaning routines, Polygiene technology is the best line of defense. It helps prevent the spread of bacteria and ensures products benefit from life-long antimicrobial protection. So, you can wear your Smart Watch & Fitness Tracker with absolute peace of mind.