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Reimagining protection

Polygiene technologies are a powerful and cost-effective line of defence that can be embedded throughout healthcare settings in hygiene-critical environments, from clothing, bedding, and PPE to hard surfaces like walls, floors, screens, and other equipment.

Our advanced antibacterial ingredients improve hygiene and help to reduce the risk of microbial and bacterial growth. And because they’re built-in to the products you wear, touch, and interact with every day, Polygiene technologies provide long-lasting protection, enhancing your hygiene protocols and reducing waste.

Bed is treated with Polygiene BioMaster™

TV screen is treated with Polygiene BioMaster™

Stool is treated with Polygiene BioMaster™

  • Dramatically reduces contaminants

    Clinical tests show Polygiene tech significantly inhibits bacterial and microbial growth.

  • A guardian that never sleeps

    Because it’s embedded in the product, Polygiene tech inhibits the growth of harmful microbes round the clock.

  • Reduces risk cost effectively

    A single application is all that’s needed to provide long-lasting product protection.

  • Lifetime protection

    Durable protection for the useful lifetime of the treated article, reducing the need for regular replacement.

Polygiene in actionin action

We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare brands reimagine protection.

Brandon Medical

Product with Polygiene BioMaster™ antimicrobial protection


Product with Polygiene BioMaster™ antimicrobial protection


Product with Polygiene BioMaster™ antimicrobial protection


Product with Polygiene BioMaster™ antimicrobial protection

Static Systems Group

Product with Polygiene BioMaster™ antimicrobial protection

The Body Doctor

Product with Polygiene StayFresh™ antibacterial technology

The technology

Highly effective protection: tested and accredited

For hard surfaces, our strongest weapon is Polygiene BioMaster™, an antimicrobial technology that complements your cleaning and infection reduction protocols. Polygiene ViralOff™ is a highly effective antimicrobial textile treatment for use in products that offer antiviral protection, such as facemasks.

Our technologies have been independently tested to ISO standards. BioMaster™ has been shown to inhibit the growth of a range of bacteria including MRSA, VRE and Acinetobacter baumannii while ViralOff™ has been shown to deliver a 99% reduction of selected viruses (within two hours.) We can also arrange for independent testing for you and give you free technical and marketing support. Everything we do is environmentally conscious too. We’re accredited by bluesign, which promotes consumer safety, low impact manufacturing and responsible use of resources; Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport which supports responsible manufacturing and supply chains; and we have REACH compliance, the EU’s chemicals legislation.

Hygiene and cleaning protocols are still essential in reducing the risk of cross-contamination – but Polygiene gives you an extra line of defence in significantly reducing bacterial growth. From hospitals to drop-in centres, clinics to care homes, anywhere where infection control is essential can benefit from Polygiene technologies. And because our technology is embedded in the product, it’s extremely cost effective too, working 24/7 throughout its useful lifetime – no need for reapplications.

Healthcare View partner
“Biomaster is the silver based additive that makes our products unique in a challenging marketplace. The additive has become synonymous with the Dycem brand, and is what our business partners and clients have come to respect in terms of quality and performance.”
Laura E. Wild Marketing Communications Manager
Healthcare View partner
“Biomaster has been a critical factor in Medi-Shower’s success within the Healthcare sector, but it is interesting to note that as new markets have opened for us outside Healthcare our customers demand for this high level of protection remains just as strong.”
Christie Allen Managing Director
Damian Harvey
Global Category Director
+44 7377 395 381 damian.harvey@polygiene.com

Protection built-in

Hundreds of healthcare environments have integrated Polygiene Technology as part of their hygiene and cleaning protocols.

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