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From factories and construction to any high-traffic area of your business, Polygiene technology has a myriad of applications in the industrial and professional fields. By working with industry, Polygiene has developed ground-breaking uses for our technology that benefit your company, your workforce, and any end users of your products.

Polygiene technology is incredibly stable, so even adding it to concrete or polymers does not diminish its effectiveness. And because Polygiene technology is added at source during the manufacturing process, it keeps on working for the product’s lifetime – no need for reapplication and less frequent need to replace. That saves you money and helps you meet your sustainability goals.

Superpowers built-in

From inhibiting the growth of bacteria to turning products into their very own security system, Polygiene delivers an innovative range of protection and freshness technology for the 21st century.

Buttons are treated with Polygiene BioMaster™

Handrail is treated with Polygiene BioMaster™

Flooring is treated with Polygiene BioMaster™

Steel tank is treated with Polygiene BioMaster™

  • A lifetime of protection

    Polygiene technology delivers outstanding protection for the lifetime of the product, reducing the need for regular replacement.

  • Protection at the molecular level

    Polygiene technology is added during manufacturing, inhibiting the growth of bacteria 24/7.

  • Low-dose means high cost-effectiveness

    Polygiene technology is active in doses as low as 1-5%, making it a cost-effective process.

  • Protect your products from forgery

    Our anti-counterfeit technology Polygiene VeriMaster adds an invisible stamp of authenticity, protecting your brand and your customers.

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The technology

A journey to a more hygienic world – are you in?

From industrial flooring solutions and handrails to push buttons, cold room flaps, or food molds, Polygiene BioMaster can be used in any high-touch points or hygiene-critical areas to stop microbes in their tracks. Most commonly used together, Polygiene StayFresh and Polygiene OdorCrunch prevent and absorb all kinds of odors, so uniforms and other workwear are fresher and need less washing – that means less water use and less need for frequent replacing.

Polygiene technology can be used in a huge number of applications. For example, in factories and production plants, Polygiene BioMaster™ works on any hard surface to provide a continuous defense against the most common microbes, preventing them from reproducing and reducing cross-contamination. It’s a powerful weapon against germs that works alongside your regular cleaning regime to create more hygienic environments. Polygiene technology has already been used in hundreds of scenarios, including building public spaces like the Greenwich Peninsula. Here, a ‘vertical park’ has been created to enrich the lives of residents. Polygiene BioMaster plays its part by protecting the public against exposure to bacteria. As a centerpiece to the park, a 60ft picnic table provides a real community focal point. Polygiene BioMaster was added to the concrete surface as a coating, delivering continual protection against the growth of bacteria and cross-contamination. Polygiene technology has demonstrated its versatility time and again, and leading architects now specify its use for high-traffic areas to create a cleaner, safer environment.

Polygiene technology is thoroughly and independently tested to ISO standards. Polygiene BioMaster has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria, including those linked to MRSA, VRE, and Acinetobacter baumannii. Polygiene has REACH compliance, ensuring that our products have been approved under European legislation covering the manufacture and use of chemicals.

When it comes to garments and other textiles, our driving principle is to convert consumables to durables, improving freshness, so products need less washing. In recognition of our achievements, we’ve been bluesign® accredited for consumer safety and low-impact manufacturing techniques. We have also achieved Oeko-Tex® Eco Passport verification for our work in creating sustainable manufacturing processes and supply chains.

We are totally committed to sustainability, which means the inclusion of Polygiene technology into any product, including paper and card, polymers, textiles, surface coatings, and more, does not prevent those products from being recycled.

Healthcare View partner
“Biomaster is the silver based additive that makes our products unique in a challenging marketplace. The additive has become synonymous with the Dycem brand, and is what our business partners and clients have come to respect in terms of quality and performance.”
Laura E. Wild Marketing Communications Manager
Healthcare View partner
“Working with Polygiene UK (Addmaster) to develop new innovations for Dulux has enabled us to break into new markets with our antibacterial Sterishield paint and also to combat counterfeiting with Verimaster.”
Colin Pearce Formulating Chemist, Global Interior Walls Group
Stephanie Hall
Global Category Manager
+44 (0) 7943 813906 stephanie.hall@polygiene.com

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Hundreds of industrial environments have integrated Polygiene Technology as part of their hygiene and cleaning protocols.

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